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Biomolecular science Assessment 3 – REPORT

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Biomolecular science Assessment 3 – REPORT

ART A) Select a human organ that has NOT been specifically examined as part of this subject. Describe the normal histology of this organ and how that is altered in a disease state. Explain the histological stains or techniques may be employed to assist in a diagnosis of disease.

PART B) Select one molecular technique that can be used either diagnostically or for research of a human disease. Explain the basis of the techniques and provide examples of its application in human health diagnostics.


PART A) Choose any human organ that is not skin, kidney or liver.

Name this organ and briefly describe the location of this organ in the body and what its general function is.
Describe how the parenchyma and the stroma are arranged histologically, and what the different cells, tissues and connective tissue elements look like and what their relation is to each other. Explain how different tissue elements contribute to the function of the organ.
Now, explore how the appearance of this tissue may change in pathological conditions. Select one pathological condition that has altered histology. State what the condition is and describe/explain what altered histological features might be present and what that might indicate.
What special histological stains, tests or techniques might be used to confirm a diagnosis or help with a differential diagnosis or grading of disease.

PART B) Select one technique that is used to investigate sample changes at a molecular or genetic level.

Name the technique. Describe the main steps in the process and/or the instrumentation used and explain how the test is used in the context of disease diagnosis or confirmation, and if there are any key or critical steps or procedures required.
Investigate one human disease/condition where these techniques might be used to assist with a diagnosis. Explain what is occurring in this disease/condition at the molecular level. (This does not need to be the same condition as in PART A)
Following the use of this technique, how are the findings interpreted to identify changes at the molecular level?


This article should be fully referenced and include in text citations and a bibliography using the APA referencing styleLinks to an external site.. See guide from UTS library for more information. You can refer to textbooks, scientific literature, industry information, professional literature and published training manuals. Web based references can be used but should be primary sources, limited to <30% and should be referenced appropriately. The bibliography is not included in the word count . At least 10 different references must be used equally distributed between the two tasks. Any Figures and Tables must have a figure legend or Table title and be properly referenced Formatting your article This assignment should be written in the style of a descriptive report suitable for a well-educated scientific audience to read. Concepts and procedures should be explained not just stated. Lists and dot points can be used where appropriate but should not make up the main part of the report. 1500- 2000 words (excluding bibliography and Figure legends), equally distributed between the two tasks. Preferred fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, Cambria or Calibri. Font size: 12pt The use of sub-headings is recommended. It should not be reliant on lists or dot points. Tables and Figures may be used to illustrate a point and should be referred to in the text, contain a Table title or Figure legend and must be properly referenced. Text in tables will be included in the word count. Figures must be clear, in focus, of a reasonable size, can be annotated to illustrate specific features. Text in figures must be clear and readable. Include your name and student number in the document Submit your final article as a single word document (.doc, .docx) labeled SURNAME_REPORT.doc by the DUE date unblocked unblocked unblocked unblocked

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